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A man riding a bike down the street.
Jorge Dias
Master Fitter

Excellent personalized service. Looking forward to the changes and positive results !!!

A man standing next to his bike in the street.
Gene Geiger

My wife and I both have had bike fittings with Kameel. He takes his time to understand your goals, comfort and then uses the computer program to slowly dial in the fit. Both fittings were over 2 hours. Highly recommended!

A man running in the street wearing a race suit.
Jayson Bass
Excellent triathlon fitter

What a great experience by a guy who knows his stuff. I now feel comfortable and stronger on my bike. Thanks Kameel

A man standing next to his bike on the side of a road.
Axel ILopez

Excellent profesionalism, outstanding customer service and vast knowledge by Couch Kameel. Tank's for a great experience while fitting my wife and I road bike's. We highly recommend Motion Fit.

A man with blonde hair and a white shirt.
Steven Perezluha
Amazing experience

I usually change bikes each year for racing and as a new team sponsor comes in. This year (2015) I switched from Litespeed to Rossetti. I first got fit with Kameel in February 2014. I began to feel more comfortable and relaxed in my position almost immediately. I don't want to have any excuses....

A man in a suit and tie smiling for the camera.
Frederick Rich

Great experience.. Glad I decided to do the Retul Fit, my comfort & performance improved

A black and blue shirt with the words strong across america on it.
Cycling Across America Florida
The best Retul fitter in Florida

Not only is Coach Kameel one of only 17 Retul Master Certified Bike Fitters in the entire nation, Coach Kameel is here in Central Florida.

A professional bike fit is the best investment you'll make on your bike. It doesn't matter what your skill level is, everyone would benefit from a....

A man riding a bike down the middle of a road.
Jaime Waldemar Cancel
Best result

got my bicycle fit done with Kameel and MotionFit and I couldn't be any happier with the results! His professionalism and knowledge delivered the highest quality in the industry , I felt great on the bike!

A man riding on the back of a bike.
Jose Raul Matos

Excelente servicio... profecional y con mucha informacion. Detalles para mejorar condicion fisica y rendimiento al rodar. Gracias Kameel por todo...

A man standing next to a bike on the ground.
Paul Ricci

Thanks Coach Kameel Abdurrahman for the bike fit! . Amazing how much different and better the bike fits me. If you haven't had a custom fit for your bike yet, get it done! Your power, efficiency and overall performance will improve with the computerized Retul system that Coach Kameel uses.....

A man and woman posing with their bike.
Mari­a Del P. Vazquez

Kameel's dedication and professionalism are one of a kind. With a few adjustments I felt a big difference on my first ride after the fitting. His vast knowledge makes him very reliable and I know that with all the things he shared and recommended me, I will see a lot of improvement during the....

A group of people riding bikes down the street.
Los Santi

Had the opportunity to fit my Cervelo P5 with a Retul fit by coach Kameel. Had a little issue with the bike before the fit, but, after I'm able to keep a faster speed for a longer period of time without any discomfort. Riding any bike without a fit is insane... Get fit and keep ridding!

A man in blue and white shirt riding bicycle.
Zee Ellis

After recovering from shoulder surgery, (like many serious cyclists) I was on a mission to improve my performance on the bike by achieving the perfect balance between optimized aerodynamics and comfort; that's when I turned to Coach Kameel at MotionFit. Coach analyzed my needs and used his....

A person riding on the back of a bicycle.
Lisa Hager

I was having a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck riding my tri bike. I thought I should just tough it out. I read a lot about proper bike fit. I researched several fitters and chose Coach Kameel after I spoke with him. I am so glad I did! He was very professional and very precise with my....

A man riding a bike on top of a road.
Darry Parulan
Best TT bike fitting

After upgrading to a higher end tri-bike specifically an Argon18 E-118, I needed to maximize my potential of being a triathlete so a professional fit was necessary. Seeing all the positive feedbacks for Coach Kameel, I decided to take advantage of his expertise, Retul.

Overall, it took 2.5....

A man riding a bike on the road
Bert Cox

After much urging from my peers, I broke down and spent the (relatively) small sum to be evaluated and fit by Kameel. Every aspect of my fit and flexibility was examined and used in the equation. I was amazed with the thourough nature and meticulous attention to detail with which Kameel....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
James Schuitema

It is not often when a breath of fresh air blows your way! Such is my experience with Coach Kameel at Motion-Fit. As a relatively experienced cyclist, I honestly thought that I had achieved my most efficient and productive bike position. After experiencing the results of Coach Kameel using....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
Carlos Pereyra

It is amazing how a bike fitting can enhance your riding experience and your power transfer. I have ridden for 30 years and this is the first time a get fitted. It is pretty amazing and Kameel makes it so comprehensive and simple that it is worth every penny.

A man riding a bike on the side of a road.
Jason Purcell

Kameel is the man and I am so thankful for the introduction to him! I had a Retul fit by another bike fitter in the past and Kameel is in another league. My fit is perfect; I feel completely balanced and comfortable to hang out in the aero position for long periods of time even with the watts....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
Frank Sanchez

I'm a 6 time Ironman finisher and Boston Marathoner. I had my first fit with Coach Kameel a few weeks ago, and I immediately felt a difference in my power and comfort. The fit was detailed and I was able to mimic my new position at home on my cyclops trainer.

Thanks again Kameel; best fit in....

A man in black jacket and helmet standing next to trees.
Sebastian Zaldibar
Word of difference

I got involved in the world of road cycling a little less than a year ago. I always just thought you had to buy the right kind of bike and let your body adapt to it. I had never heard of a "bike fit".

I had no idea how extremely VITAL it was for me to get my bike adjusted to help me....

A man in blue shirt and helmet standing next to other people.
Reemberto Diaz

The best bike fitting I ever had. Kameel took the time to address my needs and concerns. After the fitting, I felt like I had more control of the bike and more power. He is truly a master of his craft and would encourage others to use him in the future. I will not use anyone else.

A man riding on the back of his bike.
Enrique Pardo

Having spent a lot of money with other so-called experts in fitting with stupid results, finally Kameel got me in a comfortable position where I'm producing more power with each pedal stroke. I now even get comments about how graceful I look on the bike now.

Some can say that fitting is....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
Bob Green

Coach Kameel: I want to thank you for the Retul bike fitting that we made prior to my first 1/2 ironman. I was having problems getting comfortable in the aero position prior to the fitting. I realized that a 56 mile bike ride was not the optimal choice following a bike fitting. The fitting....

A woman riding on the back of a bicycle.
Denise Vegas

I had a Dartfish fitting recently with Coach Kameel. Before the bike fit i was experiencing pain & discomfort to areas I shouldn't have any. I even looked uncomfortable on the very detailed video that was taken.After the fit I have been on long rides without any problems adapting to the changes....

A man riding a bike on the side of a road.
Hector Cabrera

I had Coach Kameel fit me after purchasing a used 2006 Trek 5200 road bike. Before the fitting, I was having problems with my hands getting numb and weakness in my right hand after long rides due to an incorrect fit causing damage to my ulner nerve (cyclers palsy). Even with the bike being....

A woman in pink shirt and helmet on bike.
Nancy Streb
Speed and Comfort

Coach Kameel was very thorough . He took the time to fit me on both my bikes And found several adjustments that would help with my speed and comfort. He also made recommendations for seat brands handlebars etc that would be appropriate for my fit. Very profession and helpful.

A woman riding her bike down the road.
Laura Mayor

I was having knee and lower back pain every time I rode, after my bike fit the pain went away. Coach Kameel was very nice and helpful, he gave me very good riding tips and answered all my questions. I totally recommend Kameel for a bike fitting. Before the bike fit I did not think it would make....

A man riding his bike down the street.
Duncan Scott

Coach Kameel was extremely thorough, detail-oriented, and expressive in his analysis of my bike fitting. The motion-tracking software will amaze you. Some shoulder pain was even alleviated by a more appropriate adjustment to my stem and seat height. I would not hesitate to recommend a friend to....

A man in a blue and yellow shirt standing next to some trees
John Purtill
Outstanding Fit

Coach Kameel provided me with an outstanding fit. I had major saddle soreness and hand numbness problems and the fit addressed both of these issue. While I would not advise doing a long ride after a fit I did a metric century the following day and tide stronger with less issues. THANKS....

A woman standing next to her bicycle in front of motion fit.
Michelle Buczkowski

I had Coach Kameel fit me with my new aerobars. After initial muscle adjustments getting used to the new riding position, I'm riding longer, a little faster and with a lower overall heart rate for the duration of the ride, which will definitely help me conserve energy for the run during my....

A man riding his bike down the road
Abel Iglesias
Improve performance

After experiencing the great results of my first fitting in the spring, it was a no brainier to have a second fitting on my second bike now in the summer. Not only does coach Kameel take the time to get things right, but also takes the time to explain the what and why. The result for me has....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
Douglas Bondy
Worth every minute

All I know is that before Kameel fit me I was always in pain in my neck and lower back. Now I am pain free. He is also one of the most professional people I have worked with. I also believe everybody needs to get in contact with him for a fit it is worth every minute he is with you.

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
Tim O’Leary

Met Kameel on one of his La Vuelta training camp rides in Jan 2012 and couldn't be happier that I did. I had been just riding through constant groin and lower back pain for months leading up to that ride, but had never even considered a bike fitting until talking with Coach Kameel. Even though....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
George Denis

I was extremely impressed with Coach Kameel! I am now confident that I have a custom professionally fitted bike and can now focus on training only! No more advice from other riders and no more doubts about my fit. Am I sitting too high or too low? Is my handlebar too high and too long? From....

A man in red and white shirt riding bike.
Enrique Todd
Extremely impress

Coach Kameel, I am extremely impress with your professionalism while working with me and fitting my bicycle, I enjoy your guidance thru the process, and the time you spend and your patience, I now look forward to your 18 th weeks training to finish with " La Vuelta Puerto Rico" Thank you.

A man riding on the back of a bike.
Jaime Melendez

As an elite triathlete and running coach I understand the importance of proper fitting on a tribike for injury prevention and energy conservation. Coach Kameel not only has the knowlegde and experience, but also has the proper equipment and tools that give him the expertise in fitting cyclists.....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
George Carrazana
Exceptional Retul fitter

This was my first fitting and at first, I was concern about the outcome, but Coach Kameel made the process very comfortable and his experience and knowledge really shined. It took me about one month to get used to the new fitting, but what an improvement from before and what a different....

A man in black and white shorts is walking next to a bike.
Bryce Anderson
Pain Free

After 6 months of nagging cycling related knee pain I approached Coach Kameel on recommendation from a friend. The pain in my knees was causing me to have to dial back my workouts and my fumbling attempts to adjust my bike fit only heightened my pain. I had avoided a “proper bike fit”....

A man riding a bike down the road
Jaelin Funk

Before I met with Coach Kameel for my bike fit I had no prior help setting up my bike. It was a very professional and enlightening experience as Coach Kameel not only adjusted my bike for me but explained the reasons behind the different elements of the fit. I immediately felt more comfortable....

A man riding a bike on top of a dirt field.
Chris Huff

After having over 7 bike fits on 7 different bikes I can honestly say that I have never felt so dialed in on my road and TT bikes. After racing at the professional level where every second counts (and I needed every second I could get) Kameel provided me not just the comfort through the....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
Alex Olivera
Extreme detail to customer satisfaction

First of all, i would like to thank you so much for my first bike fit. i been riding for about 5 years now and never got a bike fit except at the store, how toll are you, so you ride a 50 or 52. here it is this bike is perfect for you. The moment i met with you i was so impressed, your studio....

A man riding a bike on the side of a road.
Jose Cabrera
Knowledge and experience

I would like to thank you for the amazing job you did during my bike fit. I have been riding for just over a year and lately I've been doing longer and faster rides. I hurt my right knee during one of my rides and my left knee began to bother me a few rides after that. I kept riding and....

A man smiling for the camera in front of trees.
Alex Marrero
Huge Difference

Hi Coach Kameel I really enjoyed the fit on the bike. I did a short ride 7 miles yesterday, and felt a huge difference, I had way more power even in the wind, no tension in my body and felt much more relaxed on my bike. I am really looking to a longer ride and working on my weak areas.

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
Eduardo Falu
Open book full of knowledge

I was fit at the shop that I got my bike and thought it was a good fit. I was so wrong, I did horrible 100 and it was painful. A year later, a friend told me about Coach Kameel, he is an open book full of knowledge and a great person. Coach Kameel, is very professional and pays attention to....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
You won't regret it

I had never heard of Dartfish video capture and I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't feel I needed a fitting since I had one done a few years back but knowing that I had changed shoes and saddle a couple of times since then and after watching Coach Kameel meticulously fit someone at a....

A man with a backpack and bike in the grass.
Axel R. Lugo
Valuable Assistance

Last November I joined a group of bikers at Mount Dora in a 100 miles ride with the hope of testing myself before La Vuelta in Puerto Rico. I was "smoked" by everybody in that group. No matter how fast I pedaled, I saw in pain the peloton getting away. At the end of the day, Coach Kameel....

A woman riding a bike on the street
Lisa Barnes

Coach Kameel I love the bike fit! Thank you so much! It's like a new bike. 🙂

A man in an orange and yellow shirt.
Robert Moye

Amazing beyond anything I thought it would be. Rides so comfortable now it just perfect !!!!

A man in red and white shirt wearing a helmet.
Orlando Cortes
Very professional

I was riding for some time with pain in my knees and neck which made for a stressful ride. A good friend of mine recommended that I get my bike fitted. I was hesitant since I didn't believe in fittings. I was recommended to Coach Kameel and after my fitting my performance and endurance has....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Brian Wright
Love the new fit

Coach Kameel I am really enjoying the new fit. The bike has become really comfortable and I am enjoying spending time on the hoods and down in the drops instead of the bars. The new seat position did take about 6 hours to get used to but I am through that thankfully.
Do appreciate your time....

A woman riding a bike on top of the road.
Karin Doty

Coach Kameel,Everything is GREAT. I'm loving my new bike and feel VERY comfortable on long rides. Completed 30 miles this past weekend and will be doing 40 this Saturday.
Thank you so much for fitting me so well. I never knew I could be this comfortable .... I guess I've just always dealt with....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Mitchell Miracle

Thanks for the follow up. Everything is awesome. I felt a little akward for about 5 miles but as soon as I settled in I found myself keeping pace with the guys at the front. The whole ride I continued to be conservative because I thought I might be riding a little beyond my abilities. However,....

A man with sunglasses on and smiling for the camera.
Aaron Brown

Coach, I cannot tell you enough how impressed with the ride quality, speed and most important comfort. I have gained several mph and the freshest legs to run on ever. Your attention to detail was most impressive to a detail oriented person like myself. I cannot say enough good things in support....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Elliott Toney

Hey Coach Kameel,I want to say thanks again for helping me with the fit. I got out for a couple of hours this morning and the position feels really good. I didn’t think it was possible for the aero position to feel this comfortable and I know it will get even better with time. Thanks for all....

A man riding a bike on the street
Courtney Keesee
Incredible knowledge

First of all, let me start by saying, that I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more adept, attentive, thorough & humbler guy to give me my first bike fit ever. Coach Kameel brings decades of expertise into what he does and combines his vast knowledge & first hand history on & off the road, w/....

A woman standing next to two bicycles on the street.
Tracy Kubiak

I bought my bike and I rode it for a year before I decided that I needed to be fitted for it. I cannot believe that I waited on bit for the fit. After Kameel worked his magic, with measuring, calculating, and making I felt comfortable all the way around, I knew I made BEST decision and felt....

A man in glasses and a blue shirt
Marcus Sanchez
Best fitter by far

I thought that I was satisfied with the basic bike fit you get when you purchase a bike, but I quickly learned that training on long rides for Ironman events and La Vuelta were taxing on me and uncomfortable. I met Coach Kameel at a local event and discussed my bike issues with him and he....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Marc Marasigan

Dear Coach Kameel, Thanks again! Love the saddle! I will send you the money and saddle at the beginning of the week. Here is my testimonial. I was kinda skeptical about getting a bike fit when the shop already gave me one after I purchased my bike. My only regret is that I wished I had learned....

A man riding a bike on the street
Chris Doty
Amazing Fit

I had been cycling with a fit from reputable bike shop and thought I was happy. I was among the stronger athletes in my area and felt like all was good. I thought I would do this fit just to make some minor adjustments.....I mean really......how much would need to be changed???? Little did I....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Thomas Cheng
Great Value

As a brand new road cyclist, I wanted to make sure I did everything as correctly as possible. My initial bike fit was by the bike salesperson at my local bike store. Although he took his time to get me set up on my new bike, I felt the fitting was not very precise. But then again I didn't....

A man riding a bike on the side of a road.
Kevin Jorgenson
Perfect Bike Fit

I had been ridding my bike for about a year when I just quit because I just never felt comfortable and did not seem to be improving. During the year I was not riding I turned to other forms of exercise. I saw that a friend had done a triathlon. I thought I could do that. So I inquired at my....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
William Chen

Bike=$3200, jersey/helmet/pedals/shoes=$500... comfortable, efficient bike fit... PRICELESS!!! Thank you Coach Kameel

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Evelyn Darbut

Riding a bike that is poorly fitted to your body might be one of the worst things you can do to yourself. I felt uncomfortable and overspent after long bike rides, and would dread biking. I decided to get my bike properly fitted, and it made such a huge difference.
Coach Kameel is amazing. He....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
John Dzamba
Impressive results

I recently had a professional bike fit by Coach Kameel and I came away thoroughly impressed and loving my bike even more. Although I had the bike for a year and put over 3,000 miles on it with no problems I always wondered if it was properly set up for me. It turns out it was not. Coach....

A man and woman holding medals in front of trees.
Greg Lukins and Joanna Lukins
Maximum Potential

I think I would sum it up this way: my time spent in your workshop transformed a bike that was literally painful to ride into bike that feels powerful, fast and comfortable. I'm now confident the bike will allow me to perform to my maximum potential, and the bike leg has become my favorite part....

A man in patriotic clothing with helmet and sunglasses.
Mike Gagnier
Professional Fitter

My bike fit experience with Coach Kameel was outstanding. He provided excellent, knowledgeable service that was fairly priced for the value received. Here is what you can expect if you decide to use his service:

1. Capability. He came to my home with all the gear to do a detailed bike fit....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Gary Silcox
Modern Bike Fitting

I met Coach Kameel after conducting an Internet search for Florida bike fitters. I can say that I’m happy to have met him. Coach Kameel was great from the first email contact up to my final fitting on the bike.

Prior to meeting Coach Kameel I was in the midst of a training program for a....

A man riding a bike on the side of a road.
Chris Fernandez
Increase my power output

Like most cyclists, I was fit when I purchased my Specialized at the local bike shop. Although it was somewhat comfortable, something never felt right. Through the years, I tried in vain to fix the fit myself, and wound up totally screwing up my position on the bike. Due to this lack of comfort....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Maik Aagaard
Perfect bike fit

Want to save money? Coach Kameel's bike fit did it! His bike fitting session saved me $1,000+, as my old bike feels like new after all adjustment for a good bike fit were made. I learned that I need a good bike fit, not a new bike. So, my alleged entry level bike got a second chance to....

A woman riding a bike on top of a grass covered field.
Anthony Tsengoles

Coach Kameel, I want to thank you for your recent fit analysis, in all my years of cycling and the countless attempts at trying to find that perfect sweet spot, I believe your attention to detail and your fit philosophy has helped me achieve that. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to....

A man wearing sunglasses and a hat sitting in front of an outdoor table.
Ismael Mendez

Technology and science meet bike fitting!! You can first tell how serious Coach Kameel is about bike fitting when you take a look at all his bike fitting equipment. During the bike fit I was able to see in a Computer my before and after position including all measurements in real time with the....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Mike Johnston

want to thank you again for the fit and the extra comfort you provide with knowing what you're doing. As riders we depend on a lot of outside knowledge and help mechanically. You have it. You will see me again and you will get many referrals from me.

A man in white shirt and black shorts standing next to bicycles.
Walter DiLoreto

If you think you're doing great on your bike or you don't need anything else, but haven't done a Retul Bike Fit with Coach Kameel, you're halfway to performing at your possible skill and potential level. Not to mention speed on your bike. Coach Kameel is very professional, dedicated and....

A man riding on the back of a bicycle.
William H. Litwin

Lets talk bike fit. I had purchased a new bike roughly a year ago. I did one of those fly and ride deals and got fitted for my new bike. The bike felt good; I finished a few triathlons including Florida 70.3 on that fit. I had thought I had the fit dialed in pretty good, until Coach Kameel. He....

A logo of motion fit pro bike fitting
Pedro Lopez

I never knew how valuable retul bike fitting was until I met Coach Kameel. After getting fitted i have less fatigue, soreness, and most importantly I have increase performance. Every aspect from speed, power, and endurance have gained marginally. Thanks Coach Kameel!

A man in blue shirt and helmet standing next to bicycle.
Jeff Dannel

I knew getting fit for my bike was important, but never realized just how big a difference it really makes until I got fit by Coach Kameel. I train and race with a power meter and when I compared my data from a ride just the week prior on the same 20 mile course my average wattage, average....

A woman riding her bike on the grass
Katie Lewallyn