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Want to save money? Coach Kameel's bike fit did it! His bike fitting session saved me $1,000+, as my old bike feels like new after all adjustment for a good bike fit were made. I learned that I need a good bike fit, not a new bike. So, my alleged entry level bike got a second chance to shine. I asked Coach Kameel to do a bike fit. Armed with bike measurements, I planned to buy a "good fitting" bike. But, after his bike fitting session, it turned out that I don't need to buy a new bike. He made all adjustments on my existing bike based on his analysis and my feedback. The new fit makes me feel comfortable and powerful on a ride, something I'd have expected from a new bike. Unless fitted correctly, a new bike may not deliver...very happy with the results.

By Coach Kameel

Coach Kameel is a recognized coach and bike fitter not only in Central Florida but, across the United States. He has been sought out by clients from as far as Germany, Brazil, China, South America and Australia. Studying under some of the industrys leading fit specialists he has learned the art and science of bike fitting; making him the only recognized Retul Master Certified Bike Fitter in Central Florida. Other nationally recognized trainings include: RETUL Master Certified Bike Fitter | F.I.S.T. Tri Bike Fitter | Aerodynamics of Bike Fit USA Triathlon Coach L1 | USA Cycling Coach L2 | Power Meter Training Certified