Tracy Kubiak

A woman standing next to two bicycles on the street.
I bought my bike and I rode it for a year before I decided that I needed to be fitted for it. I cannot believe that I waited on bit for the fit. After Kameel worked his magic, with measuring, calculating, and making I felt comfortable all the way around, I knew I made BEST decision and felt dumb for waiting so long. My wattage out with my pedal stroke was much stronger and I felt incredibly faster. I improved my average speed by 4 mph and my cadence went up. I would totally recommend a bike fit and I would do it with Kameel. He was very professional, knowledgeable in his work and he is experienced. I was fitted a year after purchasing my bike. I received an annual follow up from Kameel in regards to my initial bike fitting. Not that much changed except for new pedals, He adjusted my seat and my pedal stroke is stronger than before. With Kameel’s experience, professionalism and knowledge of the triathlete world made my entire experience worth the vested money I paid for the initial fit. If you want to cycle fast and smart….. Get fitted for your bike and do it with Kameel.

By Coach Kameel

Coach Kameel is a recognized coach and bike fitter not only in Central Florida but, across the United States. He has been sought out by clients from as far as Germany, Brazil, China, South America and Australia. Studying under some of the industrys leading fit specialists he has learned the art and science of bike fitting; making him the only recognized Retul Master Certified Bike Fitter in Central Florida. Other nationally recognized trainings include: RETUL Master Certified Bike Fitter | F.I.S.T. Tri Bike Fitter | Aerodynamics of Bike Fit USA Triathlon Coach L1 | USA Cycling Coach L2 | Power Meter Training Certified