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Incredible knowledge

First of all, let me start by saying, that I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more adept, attentive, thorough & humbler guy to give me my first bike fit ever. Coach Kameel brings decades of expertise into what he does and combines his vast knowledge & first hand history on & off the road, w/ the latest technology that literally blew my mind & has had it spinning (and me) since my fit.

Mine was a simple bike fit for someone of Coach Kameel's range of expertise but, he nonetheless put all the attention in the world into making sure it was absolute right for me. He started first w/my cleats & shoes, which I wouldn't have thought would have made such a difference and which has turned out to have drastically changed my power & speed on the bike, so noticeably. He was so thorough, measuring my feet down to the digits, while talking me through the science & necessity of what he was doing. How the proper placement of your cleats relates directly to your optimum power output. How everyone’s differences in foot anatomy , angles & slopes of their feet come into play w/the proper cleat placement. Your little toes can’t push that pedal w/your maximum power! Which is exactly where I had mistakenly put my cleats when I put them on myself. It all made so much sense after he explained it but, I never would’ve thought of its importance without his attention to it.

Coach also made known to me how ones flexibility plays such a vital role in your positioning & range on the bike. We did a flexibility test, that involved some not too flattering, LOL ! moves to determine where my flexibility range was, and also to determine if one leg was longer than the other,(which would matter in possibly needing a wedge in the cleat to even out leg distances). Thankfully, nature was kind to me and blessed me with even limbs:) so no wedge was needed.

We tested my core muscle strengths as coach explained its importance to my riding positioning. We also found the areas where I needed to improve my flexibility. Where your flexibility is relates directly to your most comfortable degree on the bike. You can be riding in a more aggressive positioning than your flexibility really optimally allows. Or you could be, like in my case, (hehehe) riding a road bike like a cruiser LOL! After determining my flexibility and where my back degree should be, he made the necessary adjustments to my stem height & seat height. We dropped my bars and raised that seat, and all the changes combines made a difference like flying verses hiking . His changes were so immediate & amazing. I seriously wanted to do another 40miles after just having finished a ride that morning. There was so much hands on expertise put into my fit, but at the same time combining the coolest computer & video software & techniques I had ever seen.

I feel more natural on the bike in a way I didn’t know possible. Coach Kamee's bike fit changed my riding life & there are no words to express my gratitude for his incredible knowledge. Anyone who is riding a road bike or looking to get into tri’s needs to see this man. He’ll change your world, He did mine.

By Coach Kameel

Coach Kameel is a recognized coach and bike fitter not only in Central Florida but, across the United States. He has been sought out by clients from as far as Germany, Brazil, China, South America and Australia. Studying under some of the industrys leading fit specialists he has learned the art and science of bike fitting; making him the only recognized Retul Master Certified Bike Fitter in Central Florida. Other nationally recognized trainings include: RETUL Master Certified Bike Fitter | F.I.S.T. Tri Bike Fitter | Aerodynamics of Bike Fit USA Triathlon Coach L1 | USA Cycling Coach L2 | Power Meter Training Certified