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Professional Fitter
My bike fit experience with Coach Kameel was outstanding. He provided excellent, knowledgeable service that was fairly priced for the value received. Here is what you can expect if you decide to use his service: 1. Capability. He came to my home with all the gear to do a detailed bike fit analysis. His gear inventory included: all the bike tools, torque wrench, goniometer, level, adjustable bar stem, video equipment, laptop with Dart Fish video analysis software, Cycle-Ops bike trainer with power meter, etc. The man is a certifiable bike techno-geek with all the tools to prove it. How convenient to set up an appointment and have him bring it all to you at your home. I don’t think you’ll find home service like this provided by anyone else in the Central Florida area. 2. Thoroughness. I had two bikes (one road & one tri bike) that I wanted to set-up. Coach Kameel took as long as it took. By that I mean he never rushed through any part of his set-up process. He micro-tweaked and adjusted until he was satisfied. He constantly solicited feedback and kept me informed about what he trying to accomplish with each step. I especially liked looking at the video capture at the different pedal stroke positions. He even picked up on the fact that I was dropping my heel a little early through the bottom part of the stroke and losing a little power. Thanks for the tip Coach Kameel. I also liked getting a worksheet with all the pertinent bike fit measurements and a DVD of the video annotated with Coach Kameel’s comments. He stores a copy of all his clients’ data so don’t worry if you lose track of your stuff. Again, the man is on top of things. 3. Follow through. After the bike fit was all said & done I was pleasantly surprised to get a follow-up call from Coach Kameel asking how things were going. He wanted to make sure I was comfortable with my new position and wasn’t having any issues. I very much liked his genuine concern and accessibility. He hooked me up with a new saddle too, one that he had been using himself. I stopped by his place and he installed and adjusted it for no additional charge (other than for the price of the saddle itself). Nice 4. Qualifications. Coach Kameel is F.I.S.T. & Retul certified. If you don’t know what this means check out slowtwitch.com and click “Bike Fit” in the top menu of their website. This is a system developed by Dan Empfield , a recognized authority in all things triathlon and founder of Quintana Roo bikes & wetsuits (he practically invented the idea of the tri-specific bike & wetsuit). Read some of the Dan’s articles and you’ll see that he brings a very thoughtful, analytical approach to bike fit. Coach Kameel has been to his school to study under the “master”. He knows what he is doing. 5. Results. I love my new bike position. I have been able to assume a much more aggressive, aerodynamic position without sacrificing comfort or power. The name of the game for why you want to get fit. I have about 40 hours on my tri bike and 200 hours on my road bike. So far, so good. Feeling good as ever and riding stronger than ever.

By Coach Kameel

Coach Kameel is a recognized coach and bike fitter not only in Central Florida but, across the United States. He has been sought out by clients from as far as Germany, Brazil, China, South America and Australia. Studying under some of the industrys leading fit specialists he has learned the art and science of bike fitting; making him the only recognized Retul Master Certified Bike Fitter in Central Florida. Other nationally recognized trainings include: RETUL Master Certified Bike Fitter | F.I.S.T. Tri Bike Fitter | Aerodynamics of Bike Fit USA Triathlon Coach L1 | USA Cycling Coach L2 | Power Meter Training Certified