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As a brand new road cyclist, I wanted to make sure I did everything as correctly as possible. My initial bike fit was by the bike salesperson at my local bike store. Although he took his time to get me set up on my new bike, I felt the fitting was not very precise. But then again I didn't expect it to be. After several weeks of riding my friends suggested I see Coach Kameel to get a proper bike fit. Coach Kameel is very thorough. Using Dartfish video technology, measuring tools and his expertise, he was to get adjust my bike so that I felt much more comfortable overall. He also noticed my shoe cleat positions were incorrect and so he fixed that using a cleat jig. One of my biggest concerns was the rear end sore during a long ride. Coach let me try out several demo seats and we found one that works for me. After the bike fit and seat replacement/adjustments, I can ride longer and far with a lot more comfort. I find great value in what Coach Kameel has to offer. I paid plenty for my bike so I feel a proper bike fit is worth the cost to enjoy the ride.

By Coach Kameel

Coach Kameel is a recognized coach and bike fitter not only in Central Florida but, across the United States. He has been sought out by clients from as far as Germany, Brazil, China, South America and Australia. Studying under some of the industrys leading fit specialists he has learned the art and science of bike fitting; making him the only recognized Retul Master Certified Bike Fitter in Central Florida. Other nationally recognized trainings include: RETUL Master Certified Bike Fitter | F.I.S.T. Tri Bike Fitter | Aerodynamics of Bike Fit USA Triathlon Coach L1 | USA Cycling Coach L2 | Power Meter Training Certified