RETUL Master Certified Bike Fitter

A certificate and some parts of a frame on top of a table.

MotionFit is proud to announce that recently it earned the RETUL Master Certified Bike Fitter accreditation. This makes MotionFit the only bike fitting studio in Central Florida Certified with Retul Master, Retul Advance and Retul cycling insole and F.I.S.T  Fitter. With this highest bike fitting recognition, you can be assured that the bike fit you receive from Coach Kameel will be of top quality and like no other.

A picture of the size of a 9 4 0 x 3 6 0 image.


Fit Your Cycling Shoes Correctly

A pair of black shoes with red accents.


They are several contact points in cycling and your feet are the most important point because they are responsible for transferring power to the pedal. Over the years, as a professional bike fitter, I have noticed a reoccurring problem.


Cobb Cycling Saddles Demo Program

Four different types of bicycle seats on a table.

Motion Fit is excited to be a Cobb cycling dealer with saddle demo program.  This program gives you the opportunity to demo a saddle for several weeks before purchase. Finding the correct saddle can be an endless task, but with our saddle selection, saddle knowledge, demo program and bike fitting experience we will find the perfect saddle for you.

Make an Appointment to take one of these saddles for a test ride !!!!