La Vuelta Puerto Rico Cycling Camp         ( December 2018)

Come join us for an epic weekend with Coach Kameel, George Feliciano & Mara Del P. Vazquez (Captains of La Vuelta group A & B). The camp format is centered on helping you to complete La Vuelta Puerto Rico with greater confidence. Many La Vuelta veteran attendees have already signed up. In order to maintain program quality, we limit attendee amount. Don't miss your opportunity to register. (No refunds or transfers)

 ( Registration will open soon)

What's Included

  • Amazing bike routes
  • Daily GPS files will be provided 
  • Support vehicle
  • Coach presentation
  • Breakfast and Lunch (Saturday )

Rides will be planned each day. Daily ride times will range from 5-7 hours with mileage of up to 140 miles. Rides will suit the people in the group. This camp is structured for the B group averaging 18 mph. A working road bike is a must, TT bikes are not allowed !


Event Schedule

Friday, December 16  (TBD)

    • Package pickup only.
      • Coach Kameel will cover nutrition, strategy, products to use, traveling logistics, recovery, proper position on your bike and much more.


Saturday, December 19  (Event Location)

    • 136 miles bike ride - climb 5000 feet
      • Breakfast at mile 29
        • coffee, eggs, bread, fruit, juice, water, snacks.
      • Lunch at mile 84
        • chicken, rice, beans, salad, fruit, water, soda, snacks.
      • Dinner after the ride. (6PM

        TBD / Rider cost)


Sunday, December 20 (Event Location)

    • 44 miles bike ride - climb 1150 feet
      • Lunch at mile 25 - Yalaha Bakery (rider cost )

Cyclist can Expect to Learn

  • Bike handling skills
  • Safe riding techniques
  • Climbing techniques
  • Nutrition / Fueling
  • Supplementation Guidance
  • Ultra cycling pacing
  • Learn what to expect during La Vuelta

La Vuelta Puerto Rico Review




  • The cycling camp is a fully supported cycling event with rest stops spaced between 25 miles apart. There are designated breakfast and lunch stops where riders will find delicious meals planned specifically for endurance athletes.
  • Support vehicles will be available for bicycle emergencies. Medical will not be available throughout this event. Cyclists will be required to contact 911 for medical assistance. In the unlikely event that you are unable to complete a particular day of the event, you will be offered transportation to your hotel.


Suggested Minimum Fitness Level

  • To ensure this is the right cycling event for you, we have established some minimum fitness requirements for participation. All participants should be comfortably able to ride 100 miles (including re-fueling stops) in about 6 hours. It is important, however, that riders have a strong base of cycling ability and are comfortable with some significant climbing. We are not concerned with how fast you go, but with your ability to complete the time/distance comfortably!

Video from  Motion Fit Cycling Camp

Pictures from La Vuelta Puerto Rico

La Vuelta Puerto Rico

Moments from our 2014 Cycling Camp



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Thanks to Clif Bar for sponsoring MotinFit Cycling Camp this year!! We really appreciate the support and look forward to some tasty Clif treats on our camp.